Outdoor Life Coaching

60 minutes of one-on-one coaching in an Outdoor setting of your choice

60 mins. | $90

Life coaching and the Great Outdoors make a powerful combination. Life coaching beckons a special type of magic: serendipitous outside noises that seem to be perfectly timed, windows or doors that beckon our train of thought, and streams of light that just happens to mirror the feelings we are experiencing. These coincidental happenings always seem to be perfectly placed to drive our session where it needs to go. Being outdoors with the sun, the smells, and the sudden changes of landscape and lighting increase this magic by tenfold.


We can go on a hike, sit on a blanket in a quiet spot in nature, or find a bench at the top of a hill. The setting we choose will be based on your preference. Let’s see how our adventures outside can bring out the discoveries from within.

60 minutes will allow us to dig deeply and uncover all paths using tools that integrate the mind, body and spirit. I look forward to spending this time working with you towards growth and transformation.

Life Coaching provides:

  • Clarity

  • Reflection

  • Accountability

  • A space to focus on you

  • Unbiased input

  • Personal development

Please complete the Coaching Agreement form prior to meeting for the first time.

Location & Contact Details

Location: Outdoor sessions will be held in San Francisco. Please specify your preferred outdoor setting and activity (hiking, sitting, etc) in the "Appointment Notes" field at the time of booking. I will follow up with you to confirm a meeting location after you have made your booking.

Email: amandachiucoaching@gmail.com

24 Hour Cancellation/Reschedule Policy: 24 hours advance notice is required for all cancellations and changes to sessions. Clients who no-show or do not give 24 hour notice will be charged 50% of the session fee. If the session is free, the client will be charged a $15 fee. Clients arriving or calling late will receive their remaining scheduled time only. If client is more than 10 minutes late, they will be considered a no-show and will be asked to follow the same policy. These guidelines are in place to honor the valuable time of both coach and client.